New Design, New Words, New Name

Hello to both of my regular blog readers (Hi Mom!) I want to introduce my new blog address and a refreshed design to symbolize the constant turmoil and change that boils at the core of man's existential being. Or I just wanted to switch things up. Reinvention is the engine of renewal. Let's all commit... Continue Reading →

The “What if” Multiverse

This morning I woke up and ate a bowl of Special K for breakfast, but there's another universe where I woke up and ate a bowl of frosted flakes, because in that world I never lost my taste after getting sick and puking frosted flakes everywhere. The Multiverse theory posits that there exists a universe... Continue Reading →

Every Alien Adaptation EVER!

*People fiddle with weird egg-looking things Ripley: That's not a good idea... *People get mauled/impregnated/farmed/dismembered by aliens Ripley: *weary sigh* When I was a kid of unspecified age, I remember sitting in an unspecified library, reading Star Wars novels, expansions of the universe that numbered in the dozens. Shelves and shelves of Star Wars novels. I don't remember... Continue Reading →

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