L’Elements of a Shipwreck: The Wreck of the Medusa by Jonathan Miles

Like all warm-blooded human beings, I have a certain list of criteria for what makes a good shipwreck story: Incompetent leadership. Selfishness. Cannibalism. Historical context. Drinking your own urine. Lots of lies and conflicting accounts of the event.

The Wreck of the Medusa by Jonathan Miles satisfies all of these. More than a tragedy, the 1816 wreck of the French ship Medusa was a political embarrassment, a catalyst for change, an inspiration for a famous work of art, and a salacious scandal with far-reaching repercussions for the survivors.

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The “What if” Multiverse

This morning I woke up and ate a bowl of Special K for breakfast, but there’s another universe where I woke up and ate a bowl of frosted flakes, because in that world I never lost my taste after getting sick and puking frosted flakes everywhere.

The Multiverse theory posits that there exists a universe or dimension for every possible occurrence in history, for every individual. This possibility of billions of universes where you were actually cool in high school or didn’t hit the brakes in time is an extrapolation of various quantum physics concepts, such as the collapse of wave function and string theory, which are some fancy physics terms that I have heard of.

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2017 in Review – Horror Through the Eons

One of my favorite reads of 2017 was Grady Hendrix’s Paperbacks from Hell. Hendrix, the author of gimmicky Horrorstor and My Best Friend’s Exorcism, rounds up the best of cheesy, pulp horror from the 70’s and 80’s and presents them in all their insane glory. With a focus on mass-market paperbacks and their gorgeous, gory covers, Hendrix pays tribute to the underrated artists and authors whose work combines to offend, disgust, and delight the reader.

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Tentacles and Racist Dirtbags: Approaches to Lovecraft

I’m just going to get this out of the way: The question of separating Art and Artist is never going to be answered to anyone’s satisfaction. Whether we dismiss the art completely, or grant it begrudging respect, or make just make exceptions for our favorite artists, we can draw lines in the sand all day long just to watch the next tide sweep them away.

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