2016 Wrap-UP: Booknado 2016!

2016 marks the 4th year that my sister Dallas and I have made our annual list of books to read based on certain themes. At the end of the year we rank the books by favorites. This year the list included pirates, sentient wolves, vengeful Japanese ghosts, the world’s dullest marriage, avalanches and volcanoes, mind vampires, tiny people, wilderness, revolutionary beauty products, lots of horses, and one obnoxiously haunted house.

Our rankings are below, beginning with the books we enjoyed the most to the bottom of the bin, Dallas’ rankings in parentheses.

  1. 2657
    (Dallas – 2) To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (A book you read when younger that you don’t remember) A classic that’s a classic for a good reason. I enjoyed returning to a book I read when I was too young and dumb to understand it the first time.
  2. 88365
    (Dallas – 3) The White Cascade by Gary Krist – (a disaster book) I always love me a good disaster, especially in the mountains.
  3. 331857
    (Dallas – 4) On Her Own Ground by A’Lelia Perry Bundles – (book based in the state you were born: Missouri)The fascinating story of a black female entrepreneur in an era when such a thing was thought impossible. That is also possibly the most bad ass picture I’ve ever seen.
  4. 850206
    (Dallas – 6) Where Rivers Change Direction by Mark Spragg – (book based in the state you were born: Wyoming). A heartfelt ode to the wilderness of Wyoming. Thoughtful and evocative.
  5. 295
    (Dallas – 1) Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson – (a book read when younger that you don’t remember). This was a first read for me, a fun tale of adventure and treasure.
  6. 188891
    (Dallas – 5) No Apparent Danger by Victoria Bruce – (A disaster book) Two volcanoes, one that killed over 20,000 people. A somewhat truncated version of events and the lessons we humans seemed determined never to learn.
  7. 2480011660590
    by Michael Crichton (finished by Richard Preston) – (book the other person hasn’t read) Honey, I shrunk the grad students! That’s all. *Dallas read House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski and ranked it at #8. She doesn’t want to hear about your love life, man.
  8. 11286
    (Dallas – 7) Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons – (book from the 50 Scariest Reads list) Disappointing, considering the caliber of the writer and the prestige of the book. Mind vampires = super evil, also racist. Normal people = heroes.
  9. 985063
    (Dallas – 9) Wolfen by Whitley Strieber – (book from the 50 Scariest Reads list). Sentient wolves and a couple of absolute dipshit detectives who miraculously don’t die about a million times.
  10. 23570089
    (Dallas – 10) Suicide Forest by Jeremy Bates – (book from a list we don’t remember) Yeah, idiots lost in the woods and at some point it stops being fun.
  11. 24612118
    (Dallas – 11) Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff – (books from a list we don’t remember) Overrated literary pretentiousness.
  12. 38379
    (Dallas – 12) Ring by Koji Suzuki – (book on both of our Goodreads list) Thank god the movie borrows only the few good elements from the novel and leaves the rest of that tripe on the cutting room floor.

*Funny how we ranked the final four books exactly the same. It was a tough choice choosing the baddest of the bad, but the utter inanity of Ring evidently trumped the douche-couple by that much.

Coming Soon…NEW LIST FOR 2017! What will we call it? What awful books will we force each other to read, and which ones will we suffer through together?

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