New Design, New Words, New Name

Hello to both of my regular blog readers (Hi Mom!) I want to introduce my new blog address and a refreshed design to symbolize the constant turmoil and change that boils at the core of man's existential being. Or I just wanted to switch things up. Reinvention is the engine of renewal. Let's all commit... Continue Reading →

The “What if” Multiverse

This morning I woke up and ate a bowl of Special K for breakfast, but there's another universe where I woke up and ate a bowl of frosted flakes, because in that world I never lost my taste after getting sick and puking frosted flakes everywhere. The Multiverse theory posits that there exists a universe... Continue Reading →

Every Alien Adaptation EVER!

*People fiddle with weird egg-looking things Ripley: That's not a good idea... *People get mauled/impregnated/farmed/dismembered by aliens Ripley: *weary sigh* When I was a kid of unspecified age, I remember sitting in an unspecified library, reading Star Wars novels, expansions of the universe that numbered in the dozens. Shelves and shelves of Star Wars novels. I don't remember... Continue Reading →

2017 in Review – Best Doggos

 Who am I kidding? Every dog is the best dog. Here's a tribute to the dogs of 2017, sponsored by my favrit dergs, Aggie and Charlotte: Dogs don't fare well in books. Unless they are the star of the show (The Chet and Bernie series), the dog is either noble sacrifice, hapless victim, or, typically in non-horror... Continue Reading →

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