January Wrap-Up: The TBR that wasn’t

So here's the TBR I planned at the beginning of January:   And here's what I actually read: Hex by Thomas Old Heuvelt - A 21st century twist on witches, hauntings, and our propensity to punish scapegoats for collective sins. The Elementals by Michael McDowell - A little Southern Gothic gem with a memorable cast of characters and a... Continue Reading →

Columbine by Dave Cullen: A Review

Unintentionally, or perhaps subconsciously, the first two non-fiction books of 2017 that I read have centered around gun-related tragedies. I was thirteen when news of the Columbine school shooting interrupted afternoon soap operas to bring live coverage of the ongoing tragedy. At that stage, the media reported many inaccuracies, some of which persist despite solid... Continue Reading →

The Abominable Summit: Mt. Everest is a Nazi’s Dream

I can't talk about Summit by Harry Farthing without talking about The Abominable by Dan Simmons. Both involve such striking parallels that one necessarily invokes the other. Let's see...Mount Everest? Check. Nazis? Check. Invocations of George Lee Mallory, the famous "lost" Everest climber? Check's in the mail! I wasn't expecting much from Summit, to be honest. As part of a... Continue Reading →

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