The Abominable Summit: Mt. Everest is a Nazi’s Dream

I can't talk about Summit by Harry Farthing without talking about The Abominable by Dan Simmons. Both involve such striking parallels that one necessarily invokes the other. Let's see...Mount Everest? Check. Nazis? Check. Invocations of George Lee Mallory, the famous "lost" Everest climber? Check's in the mail! I wasn't expecting much from Summit, to be honest. As part of a... Continue Reading →

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray – A Pageant

They're a bunch of girls. How dangerous could they be?" A plane full of beauty queen contestants crash on a deserted island. Also, fake pirates, an evil corporation (literally named "The Corporation"), illegal arms deals, murder, an Elvis-loving dictator, dancing, giant snakes, exploding hair remover, and a troop of diverse beauty queens who will discover the... Continue Reading →

The Couple Next Door by Sheri Lapena -The Review

You're dangerous [name redacted], with your plans and your schemes Regarding the above quote from Sheri Lapena's The Couple Next Door: I get it. Dialogue is a tricky business. If writers mimicked verbatim the way people actually speak, we'd get something like Ulysses but written by a Valley Girl who never finishes her sentences. But seriously? The bittersweet aspect of audiobooks... Continue Reading →

Are you Afraid of the Dark? Certain Dark Things by M.J. Pack/Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz (50 Scariest Reads)

I just finished watching a movie called Lights Out, a tidy little horror film about a malevolent force that's only visible in darkness. A trope that's been done before (Darkness Falls; Vanishing on 7th Street ) this might be about the best. If you plan to watch it, skip the trailer, since most of the good scares are spoiled there.... Continue Reading →

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